Life on Mars, New 3-D Printed Homes

The apocalypse of the Earth:-

Scientists predicted that our Earth would be destroyed soon, resulting in an apocalypse. Scientists’ promises for leaving the Earth have always been tempting, but the matter is all the world if gone into lockdown. As Earth is facing climatic changes very fast, it has been saying that one day we have to leave this planet and go to another planet for the successful evolution of life. Moreover, the world is unraveling to a nuclear war in the coming times, as the world burns the atomic weapons are more modernized. Keeping in view all these factors, life has to be shifted to another planet like Mars from Earth. It is another matter that scientists and technology innovators are trying to stop this apocalypse to experience our lives on Earth. Still, the only feasible way to make ensure evolution is to create ideas for shifting of life on Mars.

Exit strategy:-

The scientists have made advancements in exiting plan from Earth to Mars, and they are working in coordination with billionaires of the world for a compact strategy to exit from Earth safely. Tourists are planning to travel in space and make some predictions regarding the existence of life on Mars. Mr. Jeff Bazos is a famous space scientist, and he wills to shift the entire life system in the massive space beyond the sphere of Earth. SpaceX is an American company which provides space transportation services and manufacture spacecraft is intending to send its first representative in the space by 2023. The CEO of SpaceX, Mr. Elon Musk, has planned a strategy to move all human onto Mars and showed an urge to make us a “Multi-planet Species”. All the space agencies are looking forward to putting us in the next era of technology and living standards. NASA presents the Artemis program, and it explains the travelling of humans into space, explaining that the females should be shifted first instead of the males to Mars.

Contradictions in Space shifting:-

It is straightforward to assume life on a planet other than Earth, but the facts cannot be denied in practical experience. No matter, whether a private space company or the Government space company takes us to Mars, the question is, what will be the life at Mars when we shift there? What will be the sources for food, survival and prevention from cosmic rays of the Mars? How will people overcome the ruinous loneliness on that planet? Besides a space agency has made a 3D printed, egg-shaped map for the Habitat of humans and this is known as “Marsha”, relating to Mars. It describes the solution to survival and nourishment of humans on Mars.

Life on Mars:-

Life on Mars will be not so easy as described in research booklets and newspapers. To build a home to live on Mars is not a simple task. NASA assigned an architecture company named Space Factory to complete this project of building houses on Mars for accommodations. This firm has assured 3-D printed maps of Habitat for the living of humans that would face the challenges of Martian life, while everyone has to suffer some limitation in the Mars in order to build a home. In 2019, NASA organized a competition in the formulation of 3-D prints of homes on Mars, and the AI Space Factory secured the first position in this challenge by providing 3-D printed Habitat named Marsha. It was approved after many reforms and innovation in its initial design and thus won the first position.

This Marsha is an enlarged image which was made from a mixture of biopolymers and basalt. The company made a robot to build this 3-D Habitat, thus they will have to transport this robot onto Mars if they are going to construct homes on Mars according to this Habitat. The plus point for this Habitat is that the material is available on Mars from which it is made on Earth, this material can be obtained by plants which are quickly grown in red planets. This model will help people in the prevention of radiations and high temperature present on Mars. But it will cost high when you build homes, and repairing will not be available from a store or elsewhere, but you have to get those biopolymers for repairing a wall.

A different planet from the Moon:-

The CEO of the company AI Space Factory has explained the challenged one might face in building homes on the Mars, “the Moon totally differs with Mars in the composition of matter and lives, if something is gone wrong on Moon, it will take a few days to rebuild it or bring people back to the Earth. But if something goes wrong on Mars, it will create a massive difficulty as Mars is nine months away from the Earth. So if you face any leakage in homes on Mars, it will create much hassle in repairing as compared to Moon. Furthermore, on Mars, you have to build more robust and durable homes which can bear challenges of climate and sock of elements present on Mars as per research of writers at essay writing service.

Egg-shaped design:-

AI Space Factory presented the Egg-shaped 3-D Habitat for its idealistic approach, and the designing team took a considerable time to consider the shape of homes as structures are responsible for bearing shocks and forces. They tried to choose a more efficient shape for the model so that it can be accomplished in less material. They found that the most useful form is “egg-shaped” as it can bear forces and possess strength against shocks. The eggshell on the Earth are very, very thin; still they are strong enough to bear forces. Mr. Malott and his team discovered the types of forces present on Mars and then estimated their power and shocks, then concluded that the egg-shaped model for Habitat is best fit in those climatic conditions. The air on Mars is incredibly thin as compared to the air on the Earth, and it is almost 2% thin there. The most important thing is to maintain atmospheric pressure inside the houses for humans to breathe. It will be a challenging task because of thin air outside the homes on Mars. But it is mandatory to maintain a climate that will favour in breathing for humans; otherwise, life will be impossible on Mars.

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